Apostasy, Lawlessness & Destruction

Apostasy, Lawlessness & Destruction

Rather than focus on end times positions, it is helpful to consider what the Spirit actually inspired Paul to write. First, things will not be all hunky-dory for believers. There will be opposition. But there will also be victory. Jesus is coming and when He does, the Man of Lawlessness will be defeated!

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  1. wayde atkinson

    I am thinking of all the protests and rebellions we are currently experiencing as people are so easily deceived. They take to the streets with their signs and march and shout against any cause they do not agree with. Some protesters conform to the group and are involved just to protest. They seem to find a feel of power but really do not have a clue on the issues. It is so crystal clear the first step people need to take is to study the bible to learn where god stands on these issues!

    Very disturbing on how abortion is becoming so easily accepted amongst nonbelievers. I can not believe what is becoming so openly accepted many. Seems people are focused on self pleasure and self indulgence and ignoring the work and example Jesus provided to us. What happened to common sense anyways. My mom use to say: Common Sense isn’t as common as it use to be!

    I think back on History and reflect on the Holocaust. What a terrible time in history. I know when the lawless one is revealed things will be much, much worse than even these times of history. Many things have taken place over the last 5000 or so years the world has existed and it is evident they are certainly going to get must worse. I am so glad I believe in God.

    Thank you so much for your message John. Miss seeing you and your family.

    Your Fellow Christian and Believer

    Wayde Atkinson

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