Generational Declarations — Psalm 145:1-13

Generational Declarations — Psalm 145:1-13

Generational Declarations — Psalm 145:1-13

On this, the 50th celebration of Faith PCA in Myrtle Beach, it is important to remember the central focus of our existence. It is not about us – the people, the building, the programs, the pastors. This is about God – His faithfulness, His having placed and kept here a church that proclaims the Gospel and strives to be faithful to His Word.

David, in this acrostic psalm, gives us the ABCs of worship. It is a generational mandate to meditate upon and speak about two basic things: the character of God and the deeds of God. In short, we are most concerned about who God is and what He has done. In His Covenant Faithfulness, the LORD has done and keeps on doing all we need for our salvation through His righteousness, His Son Jesus Christ. Come once again to worship the LORD!

This special recording is of the worship service in association with the 50th anniversary commemoration of the establishment of Faith PCA in Myrtle Beach.

On hand were all five pastors ordained to lead the church over the past half century: Wyatt H. Folds, Jr.. Jayme S. Sickert, Arthur Scott, W. Ted Ragsdale, and current pastor John M. Irwin.

The order of speaking in the audio recording is Ted Ragsdale speaking on the adoration of God, Wyatt Folds on the confession of our sins, Jayme Sickert on the confession of our faith, Arthur Scott with the pastoral prayer, and John Irwin with the preaching of the Word.


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