Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Vision of Faith Presbyterian Church

Grounded in the gospel of God’s grace, Faith Presbyterian Church is committed to making disciples who worship God, grow in community, love others and serve the world.


Faith Presbyterian Church seeks to develop disciples of Jesus Christ by helping them move toward spiritual maturity.

Who Worship God

We will enable people to encounter the living God in the context of His worshiping community and to hear the proclamation of the Gospel in its full counsel.  [John 4:24]

Who Grow in Community

We will encourage those who have come to saving faith to become members of Faith Presbyterian Church and enfold them into a class or small group in order to learn and apply God’s Word to their lives.  [Acts 2:42]

Who Love Others

We will equip members for deeper and more practical levels of discipleship as they learn to love Christ and others more deeply and serve others in their community and world.  [Matt. 28:19-20]

Who Serve the World

We will engage members in the advance of the Kingdom of God, both near and far, by sharing the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit with lost persons and by reflecting the beauty and holiness of Christ to lost cultures.  [Acts 1:8]