The Blessing, cont’d. — Ch. 49

Ch. 49 follows the account of Jacob’s most notable recorded action and describes his blessings upon each of his sons. Here, Jacob proclaims blessings upon his sons that are appropriate for them individually and are each prophesies of “what will happen to you in days to come.” We’ll look at the first four today — the blessings of Reuben,…

The Blessing — Ch. 48

Israel’s blessing, and his faith Of all the great acts of faith Jacob (Israel) demonstrates during his life, the author of Hebrews 11 chooses the incident recorded here in Genesis 48. It is the end of Jacob’s life, and he gathers his sons — as well as the sons of Joseph — and blesses them. But he blesses Joseph’s sons first.  Why?  And he…

The Great Reunion — Ch. 46

Is there a big change coming in your life?  Do you want to know if God is guiding you to make a change? We see Jacob wrestling with these same issues as he faces the prospect of leaving his homeland to go to Egypt.  Listen here and observe how God leads him as presented in the three main sections of this passage of Scripture: Vs. 1-7     Israel’s uneventful trip to…

Reconciliation Tested — Ch. 44

Should we forgive everyone?  Or should we hold wrong-doers accountable for their offenses?  Is revenge a desirable goal?  What role does repentance play? We find answers to these questions here in Genesis 44, along with answers to other relational questions, too. Join us in looking at Reconciliation’s Test.