Genesis (Page 2)

Genesis (Page 2)

Reconciliation Continued — Ch. 43

When God works to bring two suspicious, alienated parties together, it is amazing what He does.  We find this is a mirror of what God does to bring each of us to Himself. Explore with Pastor Ragsdale what the reconciliation of Joseph with his brothers tells us about our reconciliation with God.

Reconciliation Begun — Ch. 42

Joseph has been separated from his family most of his life. His brothers sold him into slavery and he has a lot of bad memories, which he wants to forget. Yesterday he came face to face with them and he does not realize that God is bringing them back together. How are you reconciled with those who have given you a world of hurt? Look at this passage.

Moving on up — Ch. 39:22-40:23

In Movin’ on Up Joseph is at the lowest point of his life. He has moved from the beloved son to being sold into slavery in a foreign country and finally a slave in a prison. At this point he is in the best position for God to use him. For our passage we get some principles on how to find meaning in meaningless circumstances.

The discipline of integrity — Ch. 39

In modern situational ethics the teaching of honor and integrity has almost vanished. In our passage today we observe Joseph’s commitment to both. It is a story that highlights the timeless value of virtue. The Bible attests that God’s providence works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, as Eph. 1:11 tells us. This doctrine is difficult to reconcile…

Judah and Tamar — Ch. 38

A family Shame, A National Disgrace. We all are disgusted with the political infomercials. Candidates hire a horde of detectives and publicists; detectives to find the defects of their opponents and publicists to make themselves look good in the light of the revelations about their own past. What good can come from a checkered past? We will see today!

The generations of Esau — Ch. 36

How can a genealogy be of any spiritual value? The genealogy of Esau gives the reader several important lessons about a spiritual relationship with God and how daily decisions impact our eternal destiny. Our partner in life and our culture can impact that relationship.