Sermons by John Irwin

Sermons by John Irwin

Send Out Your Light

Send Out Your Light Really a continuation of Psalm 42, this Psalm continues to address the repeated refrain, “Why, o my soul, are you downcast?” The answer is obvious – in the light of the God who is our advocate, our strength, our guide and our salvation – we should be encouraged even in the midst of difficulty. When, by faith, we seek the Light…

Tested by Fire

Tested by Fire The reality is this: there will be trials, tribulations and suffering in store for believers in this life. They will be diverse yet they are only temporary. Sometimes they are necessary and they are always to point us to value our faith, to anticipate the reward at the Lord’s return and to understand that joy in the Lord can undergird us during these…

Born Again

Born Again In Christ, there is always something to look forward to. God has done all the work of our salvation. He caused us to be born again, regenerated, that we might have a living hope, an inheritance and salvation itself. These blessings, in their context and fullness, offer incredible encouragement for struggling believers.