The Coming of the Savior — Isaiah 49:5-7

The Coming of the Savior — Isaiah 49:5-7

The Coming of the Savior — Isaiah 49:5-7

About 700 years before Jesus came, the prophet Isaiah wrote about a servant who would come. This servant would have a distinct calling, chosen from birth to serve the LORD in restoring His people. This mission would be bigger than any mission before or since, the biggest mission of all – not just to bring but to “be” salvation for all people! That is why a servant-baby was born!

This coming Savior – despised, abhorred, a servant – this Savior was Jesus. Announced by a heavenly chorus, worshiped by lowly shepherds, visited by kings yet Jesus would serve. He only would do what His Father told him to do, say what He was told to say, and be obedient even to death on a cross. This is our Savior, Christ the Lord!

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  1. wayde atkinson

    Great Sermon John. What a Servant……………….and to think he has chosen me.

    Impossible to imagine the horrible death our lord and Savior Jesus suffered and he did this so I can have my selfish foolish sins forgiven. What a Love, What a Savior.

    Thank you Lord for Loving me. Thank you Lord for your promise of Salvation.
    I feel very humbled……… I should.

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