The Sacraments — Colossians 2:6-15

The Sacraments — Colossians 2:6-15

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation of the Church. Though the date stems from Luther’s posting of his famous theses, the Reformation was the result of a widespread acknowledgement that the Church had gotten off track from its original conception.

One of the questions pondered by the leaders of the Reformation movement was what were the marks of a true church? They concluded that there may be as few as two fundamental marks. One is the faithful teaching and preaching of the Scriptures. The other is the true observance of the sacraments.

It is the latter mark we examine today. We gain insight from Colossians 2:6-15. Key points are:

  1. Walk in Christ
    • having been rooted in Him
    • being built up in Him
    • being established in the faith
    • abounding in gratitude and thanksgiving
  2. Avoid becoming prey
    • through worldly philosophy
    • through worldly deceit via traditions and rituals
  3. Abide in Christ
    • as head of all things
    • as the circumcisor
    • with whom we were baptized
    • with whom we were raised
    • with whom we were made alive.

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