Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Note: The list below shows regularly scheduled upcoming events. Please check Announcements for periodic changes to these events, or for special events that may not be the regular calendar.

Men’s Bible study

What to expect: 5-10 men from Faith PCA and elsewhere casual environment study and discussion of the Bible and its applications to men’s lives

Bible Classes

What to expect: In-depth Bible discussion with focus on discipleship Classroom-style presentations; meets in room at end of hallway southeast from sanctuary Revolving series of presenters from among congregation plus special guest presenters See Announcements for schedule changes and special programs

Sunday Evening worship

What to expect: Small, intimate atmosphere; casual Expansion on the morning sermon Some singing; piano accompaniment See Announcements for schedule changes and special programs

2018 Faith PCA 50th Celebration

You are Invited Aug. 4-5 to the 2018 Faith PCA 50th Celebration If you have ever been a member, regular attendee, casual attendee, visitor, guest, or had some sort of even loose connection with Faith PCA: We need YOU to help us celebrate 50 years of Faith PCA Church in Myrtle Beach! You are a part of the Faith tapestry God continues to weave through this church and its…