What to Expect

What to Expect

We welcome you to come worship Almighty God with us on Sunday mornings.

What should you expect to encounter here at Faith?

Coronavirus precautions–

  • Concern and sensitivity to the physical health of our congregants within the higher level purpose of gathering to worship Almighty God; we are meeting in person inside the church building at 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Social distancing will be practiced and masks made available
  •  Sunday School for all ages follows the morning service


  • A small congregation, usually less than 100 people for morning services
  • People who will greet you warmly and engage you in friendly conversation if you desire
  • A mixture of native Carolinians and transplants from northern states; most of us live within 20 miles of the church rather than in its immediate neighborhood
  • A strong core of well-seasoned and caring folks combined with an active group of young families

Service details–

  • We typically dress business casual (including pants for women), but shorts and sandals are not uncommon in warmer weather
  • Music is provided by a small Praise Ensemble using a guitar, cello, and clarinet
  • Hymns are traditional melodies sprinkled with a dose of contemporary praise music
  • Communion is offered once a month on the first Sunday
  • Our typical service incorporates four elements:
    • adoration of the triune God;
    • confession of our
      • sin
      • faith
    • celebration of the means of grace through
      • reading of God’s Word
      • engaging in the sacraments
      • prayer
    • congregational response

Additional features–

  • Parking is convenient, close, and ample
  • A covered drop-off is available for senior citizens, expectant mothers, and anyone else who needs special assistance
  • You are especially welcome to a Bible study period after the worship service.  This is our version of Sunday School, and is a  wide-ranging exploration of what it means to be a Christian as instructed by the Word of God.