World Ministry Partners

World Ministry Partners

Faith PCA is a missions-minded church.

What does that mean?

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With nearly two dozen ministry partners worldwide, we actively pray for and financially support overseas church organizations and individuals. Christ uses His Church to heal the broken-hearted and give liberty to those held captive in prisons of doubt, fear, anxiety, and selfishness. Our goal is to allow Christ to use us in this way — wherever in the world those who hurt may be.

Who are these ministry partners?

We work often — though not exclusively — with partners who are trained and held accountable to their ministry by Mission to the World. We strive to build and maintain relationships with each of our partners so that our prayer for them is focused and deliberate. As a result, many of these partners are like family to us.

What countries are they in?

Faith PCA’s missions efforts are sensitized to the needs especially present in the 10-40 Window, so we support several partners throughout Africa. Our overall missions strategy is broad, however, and additional partners serve in Central America, Europe, and the Far East.

What do they do there?

Many of our partners evangelize and build churches as their main focus. Moreover, they all exercise a variety of spiritual gifts that complement this work. So, they also treat the sick, build schools, develop family leaders, and rescue abandoned children.

Does Faith PCA sponsor short term missions?

Our members are active in short term missions.  Recent trips include working with our missionaries in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Romania.  We are inspired by current church members who have full-time missionary backgrounds.

How can I find out more about Faith PCA’s work with world missions?

Feel free to send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to discuss our world missions activity with you.